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Education: End Indoctrination & Empower Independent Thought

As a parent, Amanda Fleming saw firsthand how the radical left curriculum implemented by Sacramento's ruling class was impacting schools as small as those her children attended. The promotion of anti-American rhetoric, untraditional values, and the lack of true discipline lead her in taking her own children out of the public education system.

In the State Assembly, Amanda Fleming will ensure critical race theory is eradicated from schools.


She will also work to enact school choice policies so parents can ensure their children's schools are held accountable and transparency is restored.


Amanda will lead the return of the building block curriculum that will adequately prepare the next generation of American innovators. 

Water: End the Decades-Long Man Made Drought

Water is the lifeblood of the Central Valley. Amanda Fleming knows the importance of agriculture and understands that California does not have a water storage problem, but rather a water management problem. 

Amanda Fleming will reign in Sacramento bureaucracies and ensure family farms and forgotten communities receive the water supplies they need.

Crime: Restore Law & Order to California Neighborhoods

Amanda Fleming will always stand with law enforcement and ensure they have the tools needed to fight crime. In addition, she will work to reverse the recent changes in criminal law so dangerous offenders and criminals are held accountable.

No family deserves to live in an unsafe community which is why Amanda will bring back tough-on-crime politics to Sacramento so California streets are made safe again.

Economy: Cut the Cost of
Living & Lower Taxes

California leads the nation when it comes to the rising cost of living, taxes, and gas prices. It is long past time that individuals keep more of what they earned. In the State Assembly, Amanda Fleming will pursue tax cuts for working families and small businesses because a smaller government benefits all of us. In addition to taxes, California must cut regulations. Farmers, Builders, and Businessowners are fleeing our state because it is simply too difficult to invest and survive in this state. Amanda Fleming will put pressure on the state legislature to make California business-friendly.

Mandates: Choose Medical Freedom, End Mandates

Amanda Fleming stands against mandates and strongly opposes vaccine mandates.

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