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Amanda Fleming, she's one of us.

Amanda Fleming was born in raised in the small community of Firebaugh, CA, the heart of California's San Joaquin Valley. She was quick to learn the importance of agriculture as she spent her entire childhood and present-day life working in her parents' farm equipment store, AG & Industrial Supply Company. 

She learned the value of hard work, the importance of faith, and the need to protect the American way. Amanda Fleming is a true conservative who is the best choice for CA's 27th Assembly District.

In the State Assembly, Amanda will be a strong voice for the Central Valley and will work tirelessly to deliver results for working Valley families.


Amanda Fleming is a mother of three who's spent her life growing her family's store, Ag & Industrial Supply. Amanda will work to tackle the rising crime and make safe communities for Valley families. She will ensure quality education is accessible and affordable with vouchers to keep schools competitive and accountable. Amanda Fleming understands that Sacramento must act immediately to cut the cost of living and lower taxes for Californias.

Amanda Fleming is Pro-Family, Pro-Medical Freedom, and Pro-Business. In the State Assembly, Amanda Fleming will fight to make our Valley safe, affordable, and prosperous for today's generations and the next.

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